May 19, 2016

“Rabbi, minister hit the right notes with their music.”
Kim Kimzey, | Click Here For The Full Article

“A beautiful evening of songs that touched our hearts as we celebrated our respective faiths.”
Charles Teague, President Spartanburg Methodist College

“If the heavens open to the sound of music,  Cap and Collar opens the door beautifully!”
Rabbi Abie Ingber

“Inspiring & entertaining!”
Richard Rhodes, Spartanburg Rotary

“You are a true treasure to our community as well as your flock.”
Lynda Hurteau, The Shepherd’s Center of Spartanburg

“The Rapport between The Cap and The Collar was a harmony of music and religious diversity.”
Trez Clarke, Spartanburg

“The Art of Folk Singing Rabbi Yossi Liebowitz and Rev. Dr. Paul Harmon join together in “the Cap and the Collar” to bring their musical talents, charm, enthusiasm, and humor.  With a mix of traditional folk, country, and original songs, they inspire their audiences and serve as a bridge between faiths and people.”
Columbia (SC) Festival of the Arts, April 28th concert in Columbia