Pastor Paul Harmon, The Collar

May 19, 2016

Pastor Paul HarmonThe Rev. Dr. Paul Harmon is a native South Carolinian who got his first guitar at age 11. He learned the chords for “Red River Valley,” and has been playing guitar and entertaining ever since. In high school he fell in love with folk music and learned the songs of Peter, Paul and Mary, the Limelighters, the Kingston Trio, the New Christie Minstrels and others, and while in college got some paying gigs in local bars and restaurants. But real life called; he gave up trying to be discovered and got a regular job. Soon his involvement in the church led him to seminary, and his folk singing days took a back seat to other things. He married, had children, got responsible, joined the Rotary Club and such. That’s where he met Rabbi Yossi Liebowitz. They hit it off, teamed up for a Rotary Club gig, and have been at it ever since. Paul is currently the Superintendent of the Spartanburg District of the United Methodist Church, South Carolina. He hopes the Cap and Collar will be together for a long time to come.

Church Website: Spartanburg District of United Methodist Church